Historic special:

BACH, the three gamba sonatas played on modern viola and Steinway:

Yariv Aloni, viola; Sydney Bulman-Fleming, piano JulyDec. 14, 1994!

[+ four beautiful Chorale Preludes}

Some more recent discs:

Alain Jacquon, piano Sept. 28, 2016 (from France - a fine addition to our roster of pianists!)

Sibelius, piano sonata; Nazareth, Four Brazilian Tangos;

Ravel, Miroirs; & 3 short pieces...

Pallade Musica July 13, 2016 - Outstanding Montreal Baroque Ensemble, with a great singer - this concert was a real “hit” with our audience!)

Music by Rosa Badalla, Adam Jarebzki, Elizabeth Jqacquet de la Guerre, John Eccles, Jacques Duphly, and L-N Clérambault

Alexander Tselyakov, piano; with Joyce Lai, and The Toronto Sinfonietta String Quartet July 16, 2016

Saint-Saens, Sonata o. 1 for violin/piano [with the fabulous pertpetual-motion ending]

Ravel, Gaspard de la nuit [Alexander was in his element - you’ve never heard a performance like it!]

Dvorak - Quintet for Piano and Strings

Cuerteto José White (Mexico)

Mendelssohn - Quartet in Eb, op 12

Silvestre Reveltuas - Quartet no. 2 [great new-to-us quartet!)

Dvorak, “American” op. 96

Ménage á Six - January 11, 2015

Yehonatan Berick & Csaba Koczo, violins;

Caitlin Boyle & Theresa Rudolph, violas

Rachel Desoer & Rachel Mercer, cellos

Czech Composers Celebration

Robert Gruca, guitar - February 18, 2015

1 - Robert Johnson Pavan 2 - Johnson, “My Lady Mildemays Delight”

3 - John Dowland  Frog Galliard 4-9 J.B. Loeillet - Suite No. 1

Agustin Barrios Mangore  La Catederal; Vicente Asencio Collectici intim

Leo Brouwer  El Decameron Negro

Till Fellner, piano

March 11, 2015

Bach - from Well-Tempered Clavier, Bk. II, 9-12

Schumann - Kreisleriana, Op. 16

13 - encore: Schumann, Davidsbündlertänze, II/5

[One CD]

Haydn Quartets with the Attacca Quartet

concerts 1-24: one CD each concert.

Carlo Guaitoli, piano April 2, 2015 - 2 CDs

Schubert   4 Impromptus op.90, D.899

Chopin - Andante spianato e Grande Polonaise Brillante

Debussy  4 Préludes from book II - La Puerta del Vino, General Lavine eccentric , Ondine, Feux d’artifice


Friedrich Gulda (1930-2000) Sonatina

Encore: Piazzolla: Oblivion; Chopin - Waltz no. 1

The Mercer-Oh Trio April 10, 2015

Akemi Mercer-Niewoehner, violin; Rachel Mercer, cello; Gregory Oh, piano

Haydn  Trio in E, HXV: 28; Jean Lesage - Le project Mozart; Bedřich Smetana - Trio in g, op. 15

[One CD]

Angela Park, piano May27, 2015

Chopin Barcarolle in F#, op. 60 

Beethoven - Sonata  No. 21 in C, Op. 53   (“Waldstein”)

Schumann - Fantasy in C, Op. 17 

Rachmaninoff Etude Op. 33 no. 3 in c (grave); Prelude Op. 23 no. 7 in c (Allegro)

[One CD]

Dimitris Kotronakis - Guitar - June 21, 2015

Atanas Ourkouzounov: Toryanse Tales

Sergio Assad: Fantasia Carioca

Carlo Domeniconi - A step to Paradise; Toccata in Blue

Gerard Drozd: Adagio (Omaggio a  J. S. Bach) op.44

Astor Piazzolla: Suite Troileana (arr. Dario Bisso)

  Bandoneon; Zita

Štěpán Rak: Kaygorod; Balalaika


The Chamber Music Society helps our artists (and thus, ourselves) by selling their recordings. We have two categories:
  1. (1)the artists’ professionally made commercial discs and

(2) our own recordings of concerts, some of which we make into consumer-usable CDs.

NEWS! Some interesting CDs available from 2014:

December 12-14-16: Trio Celeste - The Beethoven Trios on three CDs.

  1. (1)op. 11, op. 1 #2, #4 (op. 70 no. 1) “Ghost”)

  2. (2)op. 1 #1, Kakadu Variations; #5 (op. 70 #2)

  3. (3)op. 1 #3; Variations op. 44; #6 (op. 97, “Archduke)

$10 each; 3 for $25.

December 8: Pivot Chamber Soloists. (Minghuan Xu, violin; Romie DeGuise-Langlois,                       

    clarinet; Sybil Shanahan, cello (for this concert); Winston Choi, piano. Incredibly beautiful

    performances of Beethoven’s clarinet trio (op. 11, in its original form), and Messaien’s

    Quartet for the End of Time

December 3 and from his concerts in 2010 and 2014: Robert Silverman

    The Late Brahms piano works (op. 76, 79, 116, 117, 118, 119) Two CDs.

December 1: Our fabulous GALA concert celebrating 40 years of chamber music from

    KWCMS.  Barber, Dover Beach - Daniel Lichti and the Penederecki Quartet; Brahms,

    Piano Quintet in f, op. 34 (Robert Silverman, Lafayette Quartet); and

    MENDELSSOHN   OCTET in a white-hot performance by both quartets - all in the Music

    Room.  Two CDs, Price $20 (including, while supplies last, a copy of our nice special

    Gala program, put together by Jean N.)

November 15: young pianist Charissa Vandikas 2014 ORMTA Provincial winner. See what

    the future has in store for music-lovers as this already-remarkable youngster plays

    Scarlatti, 2 sonatas; Beethoven Son. #28 op 101; Liszt, Tarantella;

    McIntyre, Bobcats and Butterflies; Brahms, variations/fugue on a theme of Handel. 

    One CD, $10

November 2: Olena Klyucharova, piano; Marcus Scholtes, violin

    Nicolai Medtner (1880-1951) "Sonata-reminiscenza" in a, Op. 38;  Two Fairy-tales (op.

    26 no. 3   op. 61 no. 1); Prokofiev  Four Tales of the Old Grandmother, Op. 31; Sergei

    Prokofiev Piano Sonata #3 Medtner 2 canzonas and 2 Dances for violin and piano, op.43;

    Prokofiev, Violin sonata #2 in D, op. 94a [2CDs, $15]

Oct. 19: Ehud Ettun, bass, and Yaruka Nabuno, piano

    CD I: Bach: Sonatas 1 & 2 for viola da gamba & keyboard

    Telemann: Canonic Sonata, with Ian Whitman (KWS Principal Bass)

    CDII: Folk-Song/Jazz arrangements from Israel, Japan, and Canada

August 14: Alessandra Ammara, pianoHer awesome performance of

    Chopin Preludes on our splendid Steinway - a to-die-for account! and:

   Roffredo CaetaniBallade op. 9 ; Caetani, Variations on Chopin’s Prelude no. 20  (Roberto   

    Prosseda); Chopin - 4-hands* Variations on a theme by Moore. Encore (4-hands): - “Carmen

    with Surprises” [one CD]

August 12: Roberto Prosseda, piano

    Mendelssohn:  Andante con moto in e MWV U 179 (1843) (World Premiere)

    Mendelssohn: Variations Sérieuses op. 54;

    Schubert: Fantaisie D 940 in f - 4-hands (with Alessandra Ammara);

    Beethoven  Sonata #32  in c, Op. 111

    Encores (4-hands): *Mendelssohn: Bear Dance; *Schubert: Marche Militaire #1

August 5: Till Fellner in another magical concert:

    Mozart, Rondo, k. 511

    Bach, WTK II, #5-8

    Haydn, Sonata no. 50

    Schumann, Davidsbündlertänze. [Two CDs, $15]

June 20: Andrea Tyniec, violin; Su Jeon, piano. These two ladies were on fire in this terrific concert, and the selections are top-of-the-line: Mozart, K. 306; Poulenc, Sonata; Franck, Sonata in A. [one CD, $10]

June 11: Blair McMillen, piano (remarkable concert of contemporary piano music by this fine and very personable artist. (One CD, $10)


  1. (1)Two Fine Unusual Quintets: Prokofiev and Dave Anderson quintets for clarinet, oboe, violin, cello, and bass, performed by excellent artists mostly from the Toronto Symphony on June 9 [one CD, $10]

[the above is ready NOW; the next will be coming fairly soon]

  1. (2) Violin/piano recital by David Gillham and Chiharu Iinumu, June 20 Their program: Mozart Sonata in A, K. 526; Mendelssohn, Sonata n F (woO); Brahms, Scherzo for the FAE sonata; Grieg, Sonata no. 2 in G. [we also have their fine complete Grieg sonatas on regular CDs - just ask]

  2. (3)Remarkable recital by 12-year old Maxim Lando, Aug. 3 (with his father Vadim in Poulenc’s great Sonata for clarinet and piano.) Maxim plays: James Cohn: Strutting Butterflies; Manuel Ponce: Prelude and Fugue on a Theme by Handel; Mozart: Sonata in Bb K 281; Glinka/Balakirev: L'Alouette (The Lark) ; Faure: Impromptu no. 2 in F minor, op.31 and: Nocturne no. 5 in B flat major;  Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies nos. 11 and 12 

  3. (4)Penderecki Quartet with Francine Kay play the rarity by Juliusz Zarebski (very interesting piece, and powerhouse performance); Bartok No. 3 and Penderecki No. 3 complete this terrific disc.

  4. (5)Keenan Reimer-Watts and five fellow students at the Faculty of Music, WLU, play Brahms Clarinet trio, Brahms Piano trio no. 3 in c; Chopin, Barcarolle; Reimer-Watts, three preludes. Amazing performances and a fine program make this a good stocking-stuffer!

  5. (6)Ensemble Made in Canada put on two wonderful concerts on December 3 and 6. They have approved us making CDs of these, and they are now ready. Programs: (1) Debussy violin sonata, Milhaud 4 Pictures for Viola and piano; Faure, Piano Quartet no. 1; (2)Debussy cello sonata; Ravel Duo for violin and cello; Faure, Piano Quartet no. 2.  Each concert is a disc, $10.

We have a lot of discs in each category.

This page on our website is intended to maintain a fairly complete and accurate list of what we have (or can easily get). (As of early December 2012, it still isn’t very complete ... ]

Write to us ( if you are interested in a recording of a concert you’ve seen but isn’t listed here - we may have it, or be arranging to get it.

It will also list news about recent special things, discs relevant to upcoming or recently past concerts, and so on.

This page will divide into three categories: News; List of Commercial CDs; List of our own concert CDs.


Our standard prices are: $20 for most of the commercial CDs; $15 for several, and $10 for some of them; and occasional double-sets, usually at $30. 

We have sold our own CDs (concert recordings) for the past several years at $10 each. (Two-disc sets, where the concert was too long for just one, go for $15)

They do not have commercially-printed covers etc, and come either in plastic sleeves or in very slim rigid plastic “jewel boxes” - your choice, with the sleeves (which are cheap, durable, and very space-economical) being the “default” option.

Now that there are NO good classical CD stores in the community, you may find our modest offerings a helpful resource for that small gift for the person with the kind of taste that our discs would appeal to.

- And, att Christmas - they do make good stocking-stuffers!